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We are "MilkCandy", a scanlation group for manga. Welcome to our "website"! We are currently hosted at LiveJournal as we currently have not created a proper website as of yet.

How to get MC releases(please read this): http://milkcandymakers.livejournal.com/2142.html .



Updates (1/10)
- Desire Climax Ch.34 HQ is released.




Hm, don't you wish that MilkCandy have fast releases AND also scans with better quality at the same time? Looking forward to archive Desire Climax with high quality scans for continual enjoyment in the future?


We've been getting quite some responses and enquiries from several communities and individuals requesting for permission to host our releases on their personal websites. Here are some guidelines and rules if you're planning to do so.

You can host MC's releases only if you're prepared to

-not edit and change our releases (edit filename, remove logos etc.)
-credit/advertise to us, Milkcandy, and also provide both our irc and LJ addresses ; we'll provide linkbacks from our LJ & IRC
-only provide the links after 4 days of each release which is also called a delayed period
-able to provide & park a registered user in both our IRC & LJ channel for regular periods(need not 24/7) so we can contact you upon important changes and/or edits pertaining to our releases

If you think you can fulfil the above obligations, you can go ahead and setup our releases onto your website. Just drop as a link via our email @ milkcandyadmin@gmail.com for us to have a look when you're done. If you have any difficulties or questions, please email us directly too. 


How to get MC releases.

How to get MC releases via IRC. (1/2)

How to get MC releases via LJ. (2/2)


Desire Climax: Hina's Momma

Thank you all for your support!! We've received great feedback and response with the release of Ch.28! (^-^)/~~~

However, we are sorry to announce that we currently cannot accept anymore for Friends in our F-List at the moment. You may download Ch.28 at our IRC #MilkCandy at IRCHighway. We will add you guys once LJ stops being anal and lets us add more people =D

And now for the GREATEST NEWS!
1) Ch.29 & Ch.30 have been translated!
2) Ch.29 is 50% done!
3) We will release both Ch.29 and Ch.30 by this weekend or earlier~

Aren't you guys happy?? Comment and share the joy!
Oh and we've set up a poll to decide Hina's mom name. Her Kanji name is pretty ambiguous but we just thought we'd hear your comments on it. Voting time!!

Poll #1049945 Hina' Mom!

Which name do you prefer?